Using web sites should be easy and pleasant, just like a great experience in a shop, hotel, or library.

I believe that the all Web sites can be made lovable - easy, rewarding and pleasurable to use.

Most web sites suck, even ones created by experienced and highly-paid web designers. They're either hard to navigate, confusing, cryptic, badly organised, badly written, stupid, obscure, rude, over-designed, under-designed, or simply don't give us what we want.

Too often we are left feeling either stupid, let down, frustrated, or angry. This situation is not okay any more.

These articles look at the web browsing experience (See: How people use web pages, People are impatient; No-one looks at the screen; Scanning, Other online factors).

Web design is a complex discipline, and there is a tension between designing for beauty and designing for function. However, you can make web sites both pleasurable and functional, appealing and usable. In fact, this should be your goal as a designer. Sphere of Design; Using your Ink)

Basics also include ways of approaching web design that help us create better sites. See: Conventions; Don't decorate, communicate!, Simplicity).

Process of producing web pages

How to make a web site
The absolute basic mechanics of how you go about making web pages and publishing them on the web.

Understanding design

No-one looks at the screen
Why no-one wants to look at the screen
Scanning - Why web users scan and what designers can do to help
Scanning - Why web users scan and what designers can do to help
Design is all about content. Content is the designer's problem.
How people use web pages
How people really use web pages is different from the way designers think they do
People are impatient
Why we are impatient when using the web, and what designers can do to improve things
Other factors affecting the web browsing experience
Other factors affecting the web browsing experience
The Brain's strengths
Understanding what the human brain has evolved to do helps designers create better web pages

Principles of web design

Simplicity in web design
The principle of Simplicity in web design
Trusting the user
Why it's important to trust users when designing web sites and applications
Don't Decorate, Communicate!
Focus on the message you're communicating
Golden Rule of web design
My golden rule - a simple touchstone to help all design decisions
Conventions in web design
Understanding how to use conventions is a critical skill in design
Branding for web sites
Branding for web sites
The Sphere of Design
A conceptual tool for visualising the balance between functionality and aesthetics in visual design

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