Central layout

On the whole, most of the web sites are positioned centrally within the browser window these days. You will come across very few full-screen (liquid) or left-aligned / fixed-size, as it was a few years back.

Why a central layout is good

The "2.0" style is uncomplicated, bold and straightforward. The websites that sit straight front & center have a simpler, bolder and honest feel.

Moreover, as we are being more reasonable with our pixels (and content), we are not under pressure to stuff a lot of information above the waterline/fold.

We're using less to say more, so we can be a bit more free and easy with the amount of space used, and pad out our content with lots of lovely white space.

When & how to use a central layout

I would recommend you to lay out your site on the center unless there is really good reason why you should not.

You may be wanting to get more creative with the space, or get as much information on-screen as possible.


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