Cute icons

Icons have a significant function in Web 2.0 design. At present, we utilize less and better icons that carry more meaning.

Icons can be useful when they're easily recognisable and carry a clear meaning. In many cases, it has been found that simple words carry more weight.

In the past, people used to use icons excessively. It seemed that everyone wanted an icon for every navigation link or tab. At present, people utilize clear text more expansively and they also do not cram icons on their web pages.

While 2.0 designers do employ icons, they are reserved for higher-value spots, where .

Simpler, more spacious designs demand less attention and allow for a richer icons.

Few examples, showing various attributes are:

Simple and clean


Cute and quirky

Do not necessarily have to feature tiny hills!

37 Signals Overture

Richly detailed

Creatively inspired by Mac OSX. See Enhanced Labs for a great showcase.


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