Fewer columns

Few years back, 3-column sites were in trend and 4-column sites were common. Nowadays, 2-column sites are more ordinary, and 3 is the normally maximum.

Why using fewer columns is good

Less is more. Fewer columns give a simpler, bold and more honest feel. We're communicating less information more clearly.

There's also a by-product of the domination of centered layouts. As we're not filling the whole screen so much and not trying to get as much on-screen at any one time, we simply do not need many columns of information.

37 Signals' home page

When it comes to inquiring the status quo and arriving with simple answers, 37Signals have always been at the top.

Here, two columns are used by them. This an excellent case study in simplicity. It lets the message speak, and adds nothing that could get in the way.

Apple Expo

Apple is the other leader in elegant simplicity.

Such a type of layout works effectively and efficiently. Each time I experience Apple's simple design, the more convinced I become that its zen approach is the holy grail of design.

This typical Apple layout shows that someone has honestly asked, "How many boxes/columns/lines do we really need?".Then they've boldly edited out unnecessary elements, and the result is undeniably the cleanest, most effective communication.


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