Bold logos

An unambiguous, bold, strong brand - integrating attitude, first impression and tone of voice - is facilitated by a bold logo.

Given below are some examples (100% scale). Observe that logos, in line with the general 2.0 principles, have the tendency to be rather large.

Collection of strong logos


Bold and strong logos imply "This is us" in such a way that people tend to believe in it.

When & how?

Here is a very good tutorial on how to design a Web 2.0 look Logo using Photoshop.

It is not easy for me to explain how a good logo should be, but some of the essential points which you should remember are that

Your logo should:

  1. work visually in its main context, and any other uses in which it may be used (like flyers or t-shirts?)
  2. be recognisable and distinctive
  3. represent your brand's personality and qualities on first viewing

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