Strong colours

Bright, strong colours draw the eye. Use them to divide the page into clear sections, and to highlight important elements.

When you have a simple, stripped-out design, you can utilize a little intense color to facilitate differentiate areas of real-estate and to attract attention to the things that you want the guest to see.

Treo mobile

The Treo Mobile site uses 3 areas of strong colour to mark out and advertise 3 main areas of the site.

The background colour makes it clear that this isn't main content, and large, bold title text helps you see quickly what's in each one, so you can decide whether it interests you.


Colorschemer sections the page with bands of intense, bright, cheerful colour, set against a more neutral background. home

Apple's design has always used a great balanced combination of tone (darks), rich effects and colour to draw the eye.

It may be the most perfectly designed web site there is, in my opinion.

In this image, the strong dark areas and strong color are utilized carefully topick out important content.


Colour is also a great medium for communicating brand values

Real Meat

Here, the colour isn't bright, but it is strong, partly because of the amount of green used.

This design uses green to communicate the values of "quality" and "health".

Note: site design doesn't match this image!

Gear for girls

This site sells outdoor clothes exclusively for females, and the soft colours reinforce the chosen brand personality.


Be careful to use intense colour on or around high-value features

Giddy Kippa

A nice, effective page design is compromised by the use of large areas of intense colour outside the main page area.

The result is that the eye is drawn away from the real content.

Aurum Newtech

The Aurum Newtech site risks the same effect, but the colour is just pale enough to keep the content noticeable.

In addition, the large, bold and well-spaced content elements aid in drawing attention away from the "good-looking" background.


Remember to use sparingly

If you're using strong colours to attract the eye, it only works if there's lots of area that isn't strongly coloured.

If everything is trying to get the attention of the users, then the users would become confused, and the website would feel puzzling and disordered.


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